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February 22, 2018
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February 22, 2018

One of our SEO success stories is 123.clinic, a global health services comparison platform.

123.clinic's founder and creator, Ludovic, approached us to implement SEO strategies for the site. His main driver was to increase awareness of the site through an increase in organic web traffic.


After an initial consultation, we established that the 123.clinic development team were already implementing some basic SEO strategies in-house. The developers were doing on-page SEO optimisation and developing SEO content. As a result, we agreed to work in tandem with the 123.clinic development team. Our focus would be primarily off-site optimisation strategies such as link building. We would also enhance their SEO content on an as required basis for our link building strategies.

The results were immediately obvious. Very quickly, the combination of 123.clinic's SEO content and our link building strategies produced rapid growth in organic traffic. The sharp increase was sustained for the first two months, and overtime became more gradual. Finally, in September 2021, Ludovic was satisfied with the steady level of traffic to his site and decided to pause our services.


Main Achievement: Dramatic and sustained growth in organic traffic

Our link-building strategies effectively built and sustained web traffic to the 123.clinic site. By enhancing the client's SEO content, we made it more accessible to search engine spiders. This further boosted web traffic, as demonstrated in the charts provided.

Main Difficulties: Lack of access and control of the site

123.clinic was a challenging project as we did not have complete control of the SEO process. The client managed the on-page SEO optimisation and provided all the SEO content. Consequently, we may have been able to deliver even better results for our client than those we achieved.

Without complete control of the server/hosting environment and content production any SEO strategy is compromised. Without control testing results are incomplete and reduce our ability to adjust and adapt our SEO strategies.

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About 123.clinic

123.clinic is a leading health comparison platform that makes medical tourism easy. It's an international one-stop shop for all health care needs and puts the individual back in charge of their health. The certified international medical clinics offer a wide range of services and treatments. The platform allows users to research many different health services. Users can then compare accredited health clinics for fertility treatments, cosmetic procedures or essential surgery.

123. clinic's site makes medical treatments more affordable and more accessible. Users can engage with the 123.clinic platform to view the services of multiple health providers worldwide and compare deals. Once customers select a service and provider, they can book directly through the 123.clinic platform. The platform also explains all the terms and conditions upfront, so users know exactly what to expect from their chosen provider. There are no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

123.clinic understands that medical tourism can be considered risky. That's why their professional team is there to support customers through the process. For peace of mind, they provide up to date advice and feedback on any of their registered clinics. Their team members have an in-depth knowledge of the medical facilities and standards practised in each country. They know the clinical accreditations required by law. As a result, they can help explain the differences between competing providers. Thanks to their expert knowledge, customers can select their health care provider with confidence. They'll know they have chosen the best option for their medical needs and budget.

123.clinic makes medical tourism easy and accessible for everyone. It empowers people to take control of their physical and mental well-being. With 123.clinic users avoid wasting years saving for medical procedures at home. Instead, they can travel overseas and receive the treatment they need now!

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