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February 22, 2018

MariAcupuncture – 2022 onward – Acupuncture Clinic - OUR BEST LOCAL SEO PERFORMANCE EVER -

To date, most of Maria's patients were direct referrals or heard of her business through word of mouth. However, Maria wanted to expand her client base and reach more couples that could benefit from her services. So she created a website with an easy online booking system and then contacted us to develop an SEO strategy to boost her site’s profile. After an initial consultation, we agreed to develop a Local SEO business strategy incorporating on-page and off-site SEO.


The first step was to boost MariAcupuncture's local business profile by creating a Google My Business Registration. The registration made her business more visible for searches and allowed us to integrate her business location with our other SEO strategies. Once our SEO strategies started to kick in, there was a notable increase in site traffic to MariAcupuncture. In less than three months, our SEO strategies were also converting this increase in traffic into new customers.


Main Achievement: Improved SERP Ranking The strategies we implemented moved MariAcupuncture up the local SERP rankings, and within 3-4 months, the business moved on to page one. We focused on business keywords such as "acupuncture Reading", "acupuncturist Reading", "fertility acupuncture", "acupuncture near me". Furthermore, we also achieved a top-ranking position for her business on google maps.

Main Difficulties: Saturated Market Reading and London both have a high number of acupuncture specialists as there is a leading acupuncture college nearby. Therefore, it required constant refining of our SEO strategies to achieve significant results and place her business ahead of local competition.

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MariAcupuncture is a UK based Acupuncture Clinic with treatment centres in London and Reading.

The founder and primary practitioner at MariaAcupuncture is Maria Rossi, Lic. Ac. MBAcC. She holds a licence in 5 element acupuncture and is a fully certified traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Maria is also a British Acupuncture Council member and ensures her practice adheres to all the latest safety and quality guidelines.
The health benefits of acupuncture are now widely recognised, and it is no longer seen as an alternative therapy. In fact, acupuncture is now frequently used as a complementary therapy in conjunction with Western Medicine. In Maria's case, she specialises in traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility. Her additional studies in obstetrics and gynaecology help her naturally resolve patients' fertility issues.

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