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Keyword Research & Copywriting

We craft content that is relevant and original, with the appropriate density of keywords. Your landing page copy will be created by in-house copywriters with years of industry expertise.


Campaign Setup & Testing

We can design a specific campaign for your business, exploiting the power of social media and testimonials. – ultimately generating more leads, sales and business.


Traffic Analysis & Reporting

We control all technical details of your website to persuade the algorithm of the value of your organisation to the searcher.


Link Building

We employ the best analytics. You may have seen these kinds of campaigns already when searching for products, news, businesses or any other information online.



Local, National & International SEO Services in London

When your client wants to know an answer, they ask Google. You want Google to offer your company or organisation as the solution. If you rank within the first three listings, then your customer will click. Our SEO services ensure you rank high on search listing, promoting essential footfall to your website.
We understand the search engine algorithm, using front and back end SEO to increase your visibility.

You get in touch with us the first time
We analyze your website and competitors
You'll get a possible plan of actions / SEO plan
If we agree with everything you can proceed with the payment

The latest algorithms have been designed to encourage quality content from websites

Several times a year the algorithms that dictate rankings change. We continually review published guidelines from Google and Bing. With each update to algorithms, we seek to learn how this can be used to optimise your SERPs ranking.

The latest algorithms have been designed to encourage quality content from websites.

Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are not a roll call at the local wildlife park! Panda, penguin and hummingbird, are the names of the most significant changes to the Google algorithm in the last few years.

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The higher the perceived quality of content, the better your chances of being found by the search engine. Where before it was enough to have a high density of keywords,
now a website must provide relevant and unduplicated copy.

We will work to analyse your website code to make sure everything promotes your website ranking.

We continually revise our understanding of the algorithm so we can keep your site SEO friendly, removing elements that are harmful to the SEO process.

Trust us to know the Google algorithms

—   Google Hummingbird is much different from Penguin and Panda

Penguin and Panda are filter-algorithms. The Hummingbird aims to return better results. It takes over 200 ingredients of a web page and decides if it is relevant and quality assured. It is called Hummingbird because it aims to be precise and fast – meaning your SEO expert should be as nimble. The Panda makes the shape and style of your website vital if you are going to return high in search engine listings. We understand how to make your site efficient no matter the technology used. The Penguin that seeks to quality assure websites based on comments and mentions around the web.Getting bookmarks and shares, receiving user feedback that says the material is trustworthy and including links to reliable sources of information. This means you need to remove weak content or content that duplicates ideas. Duplicated content is particularly easy for the algorithm to spot.

We can work for you to make sure your online testimonials work to your advantage.

—   How Penguin Impacted SEO and the SERP

In April 2012 there was an apparent reduction in trust in Google. Sites had learned to cheat by including backlinks to reliable websites, which had no relevance to the information provided.

You want links to and from your site because it acts as a vote. It says someone checked you out, or you are important enough to connect with this other important site. It is like a recommendation. Many small votes can improve the perception of the quality of your site. This led to marketers employing people to make links from all over the place to a website, using search terms for the anchor text that mimic the search for the user. Low-quality software links will reduce your ranking. You must consider the "trust factor" in the links you employ and those connected to your site.Suddenly, marketers needed to police the quality of links to websites, as many untrustworthy links could reduce the ranking of the entire site. Lucky you our SEO can police this and protect your site with a disavow tool. This will clean up unnatural links.

This entirely new engine to the algorithm was needed because of voice searches

—   With Penguin they sift out sites that fail the test set and push them down the ranking.

Hummingbird was a complete change to the algorithm which occurred in Sept 2013 and then refreshed in 2014.
Many people complained this caused a massive drop in ranking, but the general wisdom is that those people impacted were likely affected by Penguin.
The engineers had tweaked the algorithm so much that there came the point when something new need to be created.
All the lessons had been learned about what made a suitable algorithm, so a brand-new creation made it more effective and efficient.
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